Copenhagen – the Danish Trendsetter

IMG_0013For Easter holidays my boyfriend and I decided to visit Copenhagen and see that famous danish trendsetter.

Why Copenhagen?

Everybody praise it, everybody say it is big, beautiful and expensive. So I made the decision to go there and see it myself. Here are my impressions from places we visited.

Please note: this post is not a thorough city guide, but rather a city snapshot.

First thing I could see is that Copenhagen is a city of wonderful, modern architecture. There are many glass-made buildings surrounded by the sea, canals and a lake in the city center! Just wow!




Danes are famous after their biking habits and Copenhagen is a city with great biking infrastructure. Like, they have bike roads next to all avenues which are the same size as the car track itself! They put a metal thing on the stairs so that you don’t have to carry the bike etc. See it yourself below 🙂 Who would not like to bike in Copenhagen?

20150403_171034 20150405_121437 IMG_0008

On many occasions I could see parents driving their kids in this kind of bikes. Who said you need a car in the city where parking fees are rocket high?!


Great design! Where? All around you! Example below is a relaxing area in a shopping mall.

Danish design

I bet all kids love Copenhagen! And for a good reason, there is a Disney shop in the city center! 🙂


And inside… O_O


Next mark of Denmark iiiiiis…flowers! 🙂 They are being sold on almost every corner!



Furthermore, there are many small, cozy coffee shops that are not only super cute, but also quite expensive (cappuccino costs around 5 Euros)…


One of those kind of coffee shops is called Bertels Salon. There you can find only coffee and the best cheesecake in the city. At least that’s what they claim about themselves. I would definitely confirm it and recommend you to try their cakes, they are really the most delicious ones I have ever tried! (the one I took is tiramisu cheesecake, you can see it below!)


Next mark of Copenhagen is the statue of famous danish writer Hans Christian Andersen. We all know his fairy tales The little Mermaid (there is a statue of the Mermaid in the city as well), The Snow Queen, The Emperor’s New Clothes etc. On this photo he is sitting next to the Hans C. Andersen Boulevard and looking towards the amusement park Tivoli.


Tivoli is the second oldest amusement park in the world. We haven’t been there, but we got many recommendations to visit it next time! Here is how the entrance looks like…


And finally, there is another interesting part of Copenhagen called Christiania. It is a self-proclaimed autonomous neighbourhood with the unique status in the city regulated by a special law, the Christiania Law of 1989. What is so interesting there? Well, the place is famous for its open cannabis trade…


That was about it about Copenhagen from me. We did not go to all famous tourist places, but I think I got a very good impression of the city vibe. I liked the city a lot and would definitely recommend to visit it if you haven’t been there. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

Have a great day!


P.S. Have you ever been to Copenhagen? Which parts of it did you like the most?

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